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Ghost Hunters Meets Groundhog Day
   02/05/2011 by Hal
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Ghost Hunters Meets Groundhog Day
   01/07/2011 by Pesci
Ghost Hunters Meets Groundhog Day
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Atheist for Jesus

Created on Friday, August 27, 2010      Bookmark and Share

There is a new book out by author S.E. Cupp called Losing Our Religion: The Liberal Media's Attack on Christianity. The title of the book pretty much says it all - Ms. Cupp (What if her first name was Debbie and she didn't have a middle name - would that make her D. Cupp? Sorry, I had to ask) believes that the liberals are attacking Christianity.

I think we all know that Conservatives are much more likely to flaunt their religious beliefs than a Liberal might be. While you might think that this is a recent trend in our political landscape it has actualy been going on since the beginning of our country. While the majority of our founding fathers were deists and not really Christian, the heavier Christians in the group would often accuse their foes of not being Christian enough. The politicians of both yesterday and today are Christians but because they do not campaign on their Christian ideals they are deemed to be not as qualified as their evangelical counterparts. There is no middle ground with these people.

So what is my point with all of this? If you guessed that this post is about religion you would be wrong.

Ms. Cupp is an atheist.

That's right - this author that took several months out of her life to both write and defend her book thought it necessary to write a book that defends Christianity. But why did she do it? Because she thought it more important to defend her party than her religious belief (or lack thereof). And that is the state of American life today - it is more important to belong to a group and defend that group (no matter how assinine that will make you look at times) than to do the right thing. Full disclosure: I did not read the book but I heard several interviews with Ms. Cupp as she appeared on several shows that I frequent. It was pretty easy to see where she is coming from. As you might expect, Bill Maher did a number on her when she visited his show.

My attempt to stay consistent with my own beliefs (not being a lacky to any group or ideology) puts me into bed with some very strange bedfellows - Christian Liberals. For the life of me I can't fathom where the Liberals are attacking Christianity. Is it so wrong to try to uphold the separation of church and state? Is it wrong to have a speech that doesn't mention God?

And for the record, the Democrats pull the same crap with different subjects. If you dare to ask if the money for the school budgets are used effectively you're cast as being anti-school. Question how unemployment verification and you're an uncaring right-winger. It's the same dishonest garbage and it keeps us from having honest conversations and real solutions. At various times yesterday I was accused of being a lacky for the right and the left based on the topic that was being discussed. It saddens me that people can't think for themselves and realize that others are thinking for themselves.

The video below is really interesting. Cupp's position (she brags that she just got her master's degree) is that religion is good for the world and thus she feels the need to defend religion in general and Christianity in particular. You'll also find the obligatory statement that atheists are just as dogmatic in their beliefs as believers are. Cupp really comes across as an amateur playing with the big boys and girls.

The Big Kahuna is a Steeler's Fan   More in    Memo to the Self-Help Crowd
Created by Pesci on Wednesday, September 15, 2010 at 2:07:57 PM
I can't decide if she really believes this or if it is just her schtick.
Created by ChrisB on Saturday, September 4, 2010 at 4:13:13 PM
That was painful to watch

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