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Ghost Hunters Meets Groundhog Day
   posted on 01/07/2011
The Big Kahuna is a Steeler's Fan
   posted on 11/29/2010
Review of The Exorcist Documentary
   posted on 10/28/2010
Atheists - the New Panda Bears
   posted on 09/17/2010
The Mystical Side of Conception
   posted on 09/15/2010


Ghost Hunters Meets Groundhog Day
   02/05/2011 by Hal
The CEO (Chief Exorcism Officer)
   01/24/2011 by melania
Ghost Hunters Meets Groundhog Day
   01/07/2011 by Pesci
Ghost Hunters Meets Groundhog Day
   01/07/2011 by Bob
Atheists - the New Panda Bears
   09/17/2010 by Jon Heim
Atheist for Jesus
   09/15/2010 by Pesci
Atheist for Jesus
   09/04/2010 by ChrisB

About this Site

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This site is dedicated to the belief that humanity needs to free itself of the belief in sky fathers and burning bushes. We need to free ourselves of the very real threats that are posed by holy men, psychics, weather men and other tomfoolery causers.

My beliefs are simple. There are no Gods. UFO's do not visit our planet. Nobody can see the future or talk to the dead. Seasons 1 and 2 of Soap were really really funny. I believe these truths need to be spread to the masses and I'm the blogger to do it. I plan on spreading the good book of common sense with as much humor and as little class as possible. I do maintain another blog (see the links to the left) but I was tired of biting my tongue there when talking about religion. Not unlike the little bumblebee in that one Blind Melon video, I feel like I've found a place where I can buzz without feeling like the oddball.

So with that, welcome to my site. I'm adding new stuff (blogs and resources) all the time so please check back often. Or you can add me to your RSS reader of your choice by using a link below.

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